In the Kitchen: Shallots

Some beautiful shallots from Peacemeal Farm made an appearance in the vegetable shares over the past two weeks, and, since we fielded several questions about them immediately, we thought this lesser-known allium needed some special attention.

In the interest of simplification we could just say to treat shallots like onions – they’re in the same family and will behave much the same way in the kitchen (i.e. they’re delicious sauteed with butter and they will make you cry).  That simplication, however, does shallots a disservice.  (more…)


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Massimo’s Breads!

This week we had a wonderful meeting with Massimo Ranni of Massimo’s Cucina Italiana and Massimo’s Breads in Bangor and we’re excited to announce that we will be working Massimo’s Breads into the rotation for our bread shares!

Massimo Ranni is from the Lazio Region of Italy, where, it turns out, he once ran a business much like Free Range Farm Truck!  It’s a small world after all.  The Bakery, located in downtown Bangor on Hammond Street, bakes up loaves of Ciabatta, Oatmeal Bread, a crusty white and a few other varieties for use in the restaurant and for retail sale.  Massimo’s signature loaf is one that he learned to make as a child in Italy.  Trust us – they’re all delicious.

To read more about Massimo Ranni, check out this article that ran in the Bangor Daily News: Bangor bakery offers a taste of Italy.

For those of you who love the Artisan Bakery breads we’ve been offering, don’t worry!  We love them too and we will continue to include them in the rotation.



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country style ribs

Members of our meat share were the lucky recipients last week of Country Style pork ribs from Maple Lane Farms in Charleston. If you’ve cooked the ribs already we would love to hear what you did with them (email us at and if not we hope this little primer will help you to master one of our favorite cuts of pork.

Country Style Ribs come from the loin of the pig.  Strictly speaking, they aren’t ribs at all since they don’t contain an actual rib bone.  What this means for you is that you have all the deliciousness of a pork rib with less bone and more meat.  How can you go wrong? Without a bone to gnaw one you may be more inclined to handle country style ribs with a knife and fork, but we’re certainly not going to discourage eating with your fingers! Yes, they’re that good. (more…)

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New Brochure!

Members & Friends, 

We’ve updated the Free Range Farm Truck brochure.  Among other changes, there is now a Cheese Share!  You can download the brochure HERE.

Print it off and send it to us at PO BOX 667, Hampden ME 04444 or just give it to us when we see you next.

Thanks, as always, for your support.



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If it weren’t for the seemingly infinite variety of potatoes, we would surely get sick of them.  The first “new potatoes” are dug around the 4th of July and the last potatoes leave the ground in late fall. The best storage varieties among those late potatoes are kept in root cellars through the winter, remaining firm and crisp for our enjoyment.  Some will keep until March or April, which means that here in Maine we’re eating local potatoes 9-10 months out of the year. That’s a lot of spuds.

Given the potato’s long season, we’re lucky to have dozens, even hundreds, of varieties to keep us on our toes. Maine prides itself as a potato state (have you ever seen the potato farms in The County?) and the small farms we source from grow a stunning variety of potatoes.  There are yellow, red, white, blue and purple skinned potatoes with flesh in just as many colors. Some are good for mashing, others for baking, roasting, frying or chips. Even small farms commonly grow a dozen or more varieties.  Classics like Yukon Gold, Katahdin, Red Gold and Kennebec are perennial favorites and new varieties are trialed every year.   (more…)

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Winter Squash: A Staple to Celebrate

This week we celebrate the humble Winter Squash, from Butternut to Blue Hubbard and everything in between. Winter Squash is healthy, delicious and aesthetically pleasing, yet we have a tendency to feature it at Thanksgiving and then ignore it for the rest of the season. Whatever the reason for the oversight, we do Winter Squash a great disservice by not celebrating it fully throughout the winter months.

While it doesn’t arrive on our tables until late fall, winter squash gets a head start on the farm way back in the early days of summer. The plants are tended for several months before the squash itself can be harvested and brought inside to “cure”, a process that basically involves letting the squash sit in a warm place to ripen fully. The sweetness we recognize in winter squash is a direct result of that curing process.  A properly cured squash will store for months, providing farmers with a source of income through the winter and providing us with rich, nutritious food long after greens are off the menu.

Since we work with so many farmers, we see a great number of squash varieties and look forward to offering our favorites to you this winter.  (more…)

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What’s in a Share?

If you’re new to Free Range Farm Truck, and even if you’re not, you’re probably wondering – what’s in a share?
Each week we talk to farmers and producers around the region to put together a diverse and delicious selection of food for your share.  We visit their farms, hear their stories and head back home with a truck full of the best food Maine has to offer.  Before the food gets to you, we sort through those boxes and bags to come up with a weekly share that best represents the seasons and the farmers. Right now we offer shares of Vegetables, Meat, Dairy, Bread & Pantry items, and soon will be adding a seafood share!

While the diversity of vegetables available might be most exciting during the height of the growing season, we view the winter months as an opportunity to be creative with a somewhat more limited selection of vegetables.  This winter we’ll highlight unique varieties of squash, share our favorite potato recipes, and start some lively conversations about the versatility of carrots.  We’d love for you to take part in the discussion!  As you eat your way through your share, let us  know what you’re doing with the food you’ve received from us. Email us at

Happily, our selections of meat, dairy, bread and pantry shares don’t need to change much season to season.  (more…)

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