What’s in a Share?

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If you’re new to Free Range Farm Truck, and even if you’re not, you’re probably wondering – what’s in a share?
Each week we talk to farmers and producers around the region to put together a diverse and delicious selection of food for your share.  We visit their farms, hear their stories and head back home with a truck full of the best food Maine has to offer.  Before the food gets to you, we sort through those boxes and bags to come up with a weekly share that best represents the seasons and the farmers. Right now we offer shares of Vegetables, Meat, Dairy, Bread & Pantry items, and soon will be adding a seafood share!

While the diversity of vegetables available might be most exciting during the height of the growing season, we view the winter months as an opportunity to be creative with a somewhat more limited selection of vegetables.  This winter we’ll highlight unique varieties of squash, share our favorite potato recipes, and start some lively conversations about the versatility of carrots.  We’d love for you to take part in the discussion!  As you eat your way through your share, let us  know what you’re doing with the food you’ve received from us. Email us at freerangefarmtruck@live.com.

Happily, our selections of meat, dairy, bread and pantry shares don’t need to change much season to season.  Year round, we’ll be offering you new cuts of meat, breads from bakers throughout the region and lots of Maine cheeses.  And of course we’ll always have those refrigerator staples:  milk & eggs.

As we get accustomed to this new business model, we plan to have all of our pantry items, as well as staples like milk, eggs and ground beef, available for sale at our Saturday pick-ups down at the Hampden Marina.  If you’re looking for something extra when you pick up your share, let us know!  If we don’t have it for you this week, we can be sure to have it next time.

For the week of November 28-December 3, here’s what our share members can expect:

Fruit & Vegetables
Organic Macintosh Apples – Ricker Hill Orchards
Onaway Potatoes – Horsepower Farm
Carrots – Horsepower Farm
Spinach – Living Lands Farm
Jerusalem artichokes – Wholesome Valley Farm
Salad Turnips – Living Land Farm
Kale – Parker Produce

Pork chops – Harmony Meadows Farm
Ground Beef – Harmony Meadows Farm
Bacon – Harmony Meadows Farm

Kimchi – Thirty Acre Farm
Ruby Kraut – Thirty Acre Farm
7 Grain Hot Cereal – Fiddler’s Green Farm

Milk – White Orchard Farm
Cheese – TBD

1 loaf – Artisan Brick Oven Bakery

Please Note: Though we do plan your the weekly shares ahead of time, we sometimes hear from a farmer last minute about a new item they’re able to offer us, or one that they weren’t able to harvest enough of.  Either way, we will always make sure that you get the full share you’re entitled to. 


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