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grassfed steaks!

Last week’s meat share members were the lucky recipients of grassfed steaks and ground beef from a local farm.  In the next few days you’ll be able to access Farm Truck’s “Grassfed Meat Primer” complete with cooking suggestions, nutrition information and FAQs, but the fact is that steaks deserve special attention.  Why?  Because grassfed steak in particular is probably one of the most delicious cuts of meat and also the one that’s the easiest to screw up.  You’ve probably heard that grassfed beef is delicious and better for you.  You’ve probably also heard that it’s tough.  We won’t lie to you – grassfed beef, and especially grassfed steak, has to be handled differently than the beef you find in the supermarket.  If you try to cook it the same way, you may very well end up with a steak with the texture of shoe leather.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re not going to get into nutritional and environmental benefits here – that’s a discussion we delve into in the Grassfed Meat Primer.   What we want to do today is help you understand how to cook a kick-ass grassfed steak.

So, why is grassfed meat different?  We’ll try to keep it simple.  Cows that are “grassfed” eat only grass, hay and sometimes baleage (slightly fermented hay with a higher moisture content).  Cows’ stomachs are designed to process the stuff.  Most of the beef you find in the grocery store is from cows that are finished in feedlots and fed grain (primarily corn) which their stomachs are not designed to digest properly.  Grassfed cows have done a lot more walking around to eat all that grass.  (more…)


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