1. How much food will I receive?
Short Answer: It depends on which categories you sign up for.  We offer shares of produce, meat, eggs, cheese, bread and coffee.  Specific items that your receive will vary throughout the year, but you will always receive the dollar value that you pay for.   Here’s what you can expect:

Mostly certified organic, with the exception of a few small farms that are growing in accordance with organic standards but have opted not to certify.  We offer two share sizes, small and large.  For current pricing visit our XX page (link to that page)

We are committed to offering only Grassfed Beef, and Pastured Pork and Chicken.  While some farmers opt out of organic certification, (especially local Mennonite farmers who supply us with some amazing meat) they all employ organic practices.  We offer two meat share sizes, 1-3lbs/week and 4+lbs/week.

All free range.  We offer two share sizes, ½ dozen/week and 1 dozen/week.

We source cheese from small producers who raise their animals on pasture and use sustainable farming methods.  Our cheese share is one package per week, size depends on the type of cheese.  

Several local bakers provide us with bread.  The share is one loaf per week.

Our coffee comes from Green Tree Coffee & Tea in Lincolnville, a wonderful company that not only roasts their own coffee but imports the beans directly as well. 

2. Is it all Organic?
Not necessarily.  Our goal is to provide you with the best local food available in our little corner of the world. Whenever possible, we choose certified organic vegetables, meats and dairy but the fact is that some farmers can’t afford, or don’t personally believe in, organic certification.  It’s expensive and time-consuming and it doesn’t always mean that the food is better than a non-organic alternative.  Here’s where we come in.  We visit every farm that we purchase food from.  We get to know the farmers and producers, talk to them about their practices and view their facilities and fields.  We only purchase from people we know and trust.  While we believe in certified organic food, we also understand when a farmer is employing all the right practices and either can’t afford organic certification or opts out of the program for personal reasons.

3. How Do I Pay?
The best and easiest way is to pay with a credit card number that we keep on file.  We can automatically renew your share with that card, which means one less thing for you to remember. You can also send us a check in the mail to P.O. Box 667, Hampden, ME 04444. We typically charge our members once per month, beginning with your first share.  However, we’re willing to talk about a payment plan to accommodate your budget and your preferences.  Email us to discuss your options: freerangefarmtruck@live.com

4. What Happens if I go away for a week?
You skip your share for that week and renew a week later than you normally would.  Let us know as soon as possible that you’ll be leaving and we’ll make arrangements with you.

5. Which farms Am I supporting?
We discover new farms and producers all the time, so the list is constantly changing.  For our current list, click HERE.

6. I make an awesome local product, can I be a vendor?
If you have a certified kitchen and a retail license we would love to talk to you.  Email us! freerangefarmtruck@live.com


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