Free Range Farm Trucks is about three things: local people, local farms and local food. We offer weekly shares of locally grown and produced vegetables, meat, dairy, seafood and pantry items to our members in the Greater Bangor Area. To us, this is more than a business, it’s a way of life that we truly believe in and want to share with our members.  Here’s what we stand for:

  • Helping Maine Feed Itself
    We Mainers are lucky – we have access to locally grown and produced meat, grains, vegetables, fruit, milk, cheeses, breads, beverages, cooking oils and more, year round. Most grocery stores stock foods from across the country or halfway around the world – foods that can be, and are, produced right here! Free Range Farm Truck will help prove that Maine can feed itself.  It’s a point of pride.
  • Keeping the Money in Maine
    Having owned a small business for the past 3 years, we know what it takes, financially, to make it work and we’ve found that it’s immensely more satisfying for us to write a check to Horsepower Farm than to a power company or a large distributor – we know where the money is going and what it’s supporting. Our members directly support over 60 local farmers and producers, helping us to keep the money in Maine.
  • Building a Community
    Our members make up a diverse, talented community in the greater Bangor area, a community that we want to unite around the celebration of good, local food. Through product tastings, farm tours, parties and weekly share pick-ups we’ll get to know each other, share ideas and recipes create a strong, lasting community of farmers and eaters.
  • Strengthening Our Sense of Place
    Farmers know the land – they have their fingers in the soil and on the pulse of nature and seasonality.  Through the food they grow and raise we can all gain a better understanding of our local ecosystem, our foodshed. The local producers we support stand for quality, not quantity, and they have much to teach us about how what we what we eat was produced, when it’s available and why.  We share the lessons that we learn from them, with you, through farmer profiles, recipes and stories.

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