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Spring-Dug Parsnips

Members of our vegetable share are the lucky recipients this week of Spring-Dug Parsnips from Peacemeal Farm in Dixmont.  Yes, we’re featuring another root vegetable, but Spring-Dug Parsnips are really something special. 

Parsnips mature in the fall and can certainly be harvested and stored at that time, but most farmers in-the-know leave at least a portion of their crop in the ground through the winter to be dug as soon as the soil thaws in Spring.  This is not merely a tactic meant to save labor in the fall or space in the root cellar – that over-wintering process makes the parsnips sing with sweetness in a way that fall parsnips, however delicious, never will. 

For those of you interested in science, what’s happening is this: the starches in those mature parsnips convert to sugars as the deep freeze hits – it’s the plant’s way of protecting itself.  (more…)


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We know what you’re thinking:  ‘it’s 70 degrees out and you’re writing about turnips?!’  Yes. We are.  And we’re  hoping that this photo of an adorable child holding a turnip (courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) will help you warm to the idea.

We realize that this time of year it can be hard to get excited about root vegetables.  It feels like Spring is here, even if it’s not, and most of us are thinking *green*, as in spinach, salad mix, lettuce, fresh herbs.  We’re thrilled to be working with Everlasting Farm in Bangor, Living Land Farm in Winterport and Half Moon gardens in Thorndike, to bring greens to our members through the winter, but the fact of the matter is that root vegetables still make up the bulk of local vegetables available to us right now and it’s still worth finding creative ways to work with them.  So, back to turnips.

The purple and white  bulbous roots are rich in dietary fiber, folate, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, vitamin C and B6 plus 5 grams of protein.  That’s quite a list!  (more…)

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free range farm truck at PechaKucha!

We’re presenting tonight at the Bangor Opera House as part of this amazing event!  Here’s the facebook page:

PechaKucha Night Bangor Vol. 4 is Friday night, March 9th, at the Bangor Opera House in Downtown Bangor and hosted by Bari Newport, artistic director of Penobscot Theatre. A selection of new presenters will surprise the audience with images and stories about their creativ…e work and ideas.

Doors open @ 6pm
Presentations @ 6:40pm
End @ 8:30 pm

$5 at the door
Cash bar (more…)

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